Datum: 17 november 2020
Locatie: Square | Brussels

All about Digital Identity & Trust

Controlling access is a cornerstone for any organisation, be it from a business or compliance perspective. Indeed e-commerce, e-business, e-government are all impossible without knowing who the person is who is accessing your services. Indeed topics like data & privacy protection are impossible without proper control of access up to a level of “need to know”.  It is for a reason that the topic ‘access control’ is basicly in every relevant security best practice or standard. Access control is a key topic in ISO2700x, in NIST, in PCI, etc, etc.  With the coming of the European Trust Regulation we are even upping the game towards reliable/trustworthy e-Identies and cross-border authentication. Some organisations consider IAM and/or e-Identity so vital that they even have a chief IAM- or e-Identity-officer.